About Us

Orders.lk is the best online shopping community in Sri Lanka. We connect buyers and sellers, but do not have any inventory of our ownThe orders.lk was launched in 2015 with one vision in mind With Orders.lk convenient island-wide delivery service, shoppers are able to get their purchased items delivered straight to their doorstep, enabling them to save valuable time and hassle involved with travelling. Customers do not need to visit the merchant or Orders.lk to collect their items and delivery can be arranged to any location within the country.

Currently, over 2 million local active users are connected to a diverse range of retailers that lead their products internationally & locally through retail sites. They enable and empower users only with the best selections. We provide to 200 cities, containing 50 featured brands with approximately 2000 listed items live in just under 8 categories.


Trending Categories

Collectibles & art
Home & garden
Sporting goods
Fashion & Jewelry
Toys,Baby & Kid
Automotive & Industrial

So finally, what sets us apart? What makesOrders.lk, the best? To keep it simple we adopt 3 simple standards. We offer a dynamic online marketplace for all luxury brands offered. Secondly, we promise competitively priced products that are not offered online or offline; it will truly be the cutting edge of pricing. Lastly we ensure a payment gateway & Cash on delivery that is smart and easy to be used by customers to manage payments, with a promptly updated website. A simple solution for the complex buyer, Orders.lk where smart people buy…